Kuhns and Heller

The Kuhns and Heller Story

Over thirty years of beautiful windows!

PPL TreeK&H Custom Window Treatments has been beautifying the windows of businesses and homes in Eastern Pennsylvania since 1986. That’s a lot of shades, blinds, drapes, and stage curtains — enough to guarantee that you’ve seen their work in one venue or another. In fact, when the K&H crew installs the custom shades to make Allentown’s PPL building light up like a Christmas tree every year, the whole Lehigh Valley knows Christmastime has arrived. Their work can also be seen in businesses beyond the Lehigh Valley, in Harrisburg, Scranton and Philadelphia.

Sandy and MotherPersistence and professionalism from the start

Like most good things in life, the K&H story begins with hard work, persistence, and a really great mom. Sandy Kuhns and her mother, Norma Heller, began their business with $500, a well-worn sewing machine, a dad in the stage-rigging business, and solid accounting know-how.

K&H Window World

Although most of their early clients were residential, they soon worked their way into commercial projects by persistently calling on contractors and bidding jobs. Just getting their foot in the door took determination; Sandy recalls the challenges of being females in a predominantly male-owned business. But their professionalism and consistent efforts paid off. Thirty years later, the first contractor to “take a chance” on the young business remains one of their strongest clients.

Still in the family

K&H is still a family enterprise. Although Norma Heller is no longer with us, Sandy Kuhns remains the president and CEO. Her brothers Mark and Craig Heller oversee project management, estimating, and installation. With the addition of several nephews, three generations of Kuhns and Heller family members are currently active in the business.

team-3generations-2906-343x300Our simple, golden rule

“We give our clients what they need to help them solve their problems. That’s what we try to do every day,” Kuhns says. “I think the world is so busy these days that people aren’t used to good customer service anymore.” So, as from their beginning in 1986, K&H adheres to the same simple principle – treat people the way they would want to be treated, with high-quality products, individual attention, and superior customer service. Call us today!