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Problem Solving Process

Problem Solving Process

Whether you have a brand new building or existing window treatments that need repair or replacement, K&H can help you.

Our commercial window treatment department consists of trained experts who will manage your projects from initial design, to fabrication, to completed installation.  We will work with you, or your designer or architect, to bring your plans to life.

K&H is known for our problem-solving capabilities. We cover windows with odd shapes, high placement, or special accessibility requirements. We know the best way to insulate for hot or cold, control glare, and implement motorized shades.

  • Roar Social house custom installation
  • Roar Social house mezzanine
  • Roar Social house mezzanine
  • Roar Social house drapes
  • Roar Social house

Roar Social House

The Background

The client was looking for a way to shut off an open space on the mezzanine level for private functions and to help absorb sound.  They were looking to add sheers to help soften the space and operable drapes to allow them to completely enclose the space.

The Challenge

There is no ceiling above the mezzanine to hang the drapery rods from – only the roof located approx. 25 feet up.  There are also many HVAC ducts to work around.

Our Solution

We had the general contractor on site place a solid steel pipe with a 5″ diameter from wall to wall.  By utilizing a system of pipe clamps, threaded rods, and specialty fabricated brackets, we were able to use the pipe to support the rods and drop it below the duct work.  In order for the drapes to be operable, we needed special rings to bypass the support brackets.  We also needed clearance between the sheer rod and drapery rod to allow them to operate properly.  The end result was stunning and added to the overall ambiance of the restaurant.

  • Trapazoid windows

Nativity Lutheran Church Allentown

The Background

Imagine yourself on a summer Sunday morning, sitting in your usual pew listening to the sermon. You’re trying to pay attention, but the sunlight through the high windows is so glaring you have to move to the other side of the sanctuary. Fast forward six months, and the winter sun in your eyes now forces you to move yet again. Such was the story at Nativity Lutheran Church in Allentown as they watched their members seasonally migrate from one side of the sanctuary to the other to avoid the sun’s glare.

The Challenge

After researching many options on their own, the church approached us for a budget-wise solution for their trapezoid windows.  We recommended Draper Flexshade fixed-frame panels as the ideal solution for skylights, sloped windows, or odd shaped windows.

The Solution

The panels are made of woven mesh fabric stretched tightly over an extruded aluminum frame, and provide solar filtration at lower cost than operable solutions. Panels can be surface mounted or mounted inside the frame with clips (the clips allow for easy removal of the shades for cleaning)

We chose fabric from swatches of varying openness, depending o the amount of light and heat control desired. Then we installed matching operable shades on the lower windows.

The new panels filter the sun, cut the glare and heat, but don’t block all of the light. They are aesthetically pleasing, and ended the congregation’s need to shift with the seasons.

  • Stage curtains
  • Stage rigging
  • Stage rigging

Stage Curtains and Rigging

In order to narrow in on the specific needs of each job, we will ask what issues you may have such as…

  • Heat/cold
  • Light
  • Privacy
  • Decorative
  • Sound

Is there anything unusual about your windows?

  • Shape
  • Elevation
  • Placement
  • Size

Are there any specific requirements?

  • FR treatment
  • Motorization
  • Automation/integration with lighting or AV systems
  • Safety issues for memory care facilities

Are there special circumstances that could affect scheduling?

  • Working around employees or patients
  • Time constraints for installation or delivery
  • DOH inspections

If a product needs to be repaired, we will need to inquire about some details such as…

  • Type of product – blinds, shades, drapes
  • Manual or Motorized product
  • Approximate age of product
  • Location of product (high window)
  • Specific details of the issue

At K&H, we are focused on meeting the needs of your commercial business. We service a vast array of industries and strive to make your business inviting, safe, and functional.

Email us photos of your project to info@kuhnsandheller.com