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K&H is also a source for privacy curtains and track and stage or theatre curtains and rigging. 

We fabricate custom privacy or cubicle curtains for healthcare settings either using a specialized logo fabric for the facility or one of the specifically designed cubicle fabrics available today. There is also the option of standard sewn on mesh or integral mesh which is woven right into the fabric. The track manufacturers that we represent are Automatic Devices, Imperial, In-Pro, and On-the-Right Track. 

K&H installrigging systems, track, motors, and curtains for theatres, stages, and TV studios. We are a dealer for Automatic Devices Company’s stage curtain tracks and motors. We are a supplier of J R Clancy rigging for stages. If your existing stage curtains are in need to repair or reapplication of flameproofing, K&H will remove the curtains, repair them, clean them and reapply fire retardant and then re-install the whole system. Stage velours are either fire treated cotton velours or inherently flame retardant polyester fabric.

Contact us for any assistance with stage layout and fabric selections.